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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there’s a shift in the cosmos coming. Why reserve the goodness of love for only Cupid when humans have 365 days to mirror billions of light to warm every corner of the planet?

A relational truism may be divinity’s will for the heart: congruent energy radiates only positive, uplifting and affirming thoughts, words, and actions.

When congruent energy manifests in human connections, it fuels forward motion. Conversely, non-congruent energy puts on the skids.

Relational energy charges move things forward or backwards. The truth of that energy reveals the heart’s condition.

The soul of the human heart often battles with ego - Edging God Out, stirring chaos and toxicity. Knowing the Creator’s identity within keeps ego in check - a game changer.

Trust God’s goodness, build bridges, and spread the love.