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Ever since biting that forbidden but tasty fruit, a man just didn’t have a chance.  Imagine God’s humorous nature when creating a woman’s curvaceous body to attract the male’s seed to populate the earth?  All by design - with 7.3 billion humans to date.  With carnal impulses of insatiable appetite for sexual prowess, man’s planting role has ruled the planet.    

Through 68 years of escalating, multi-media blitz, led by the pillars of film and music, combined by the Internet’s ubiquitous marketing platform, the modern dynamics between the sexes has radically changed.  While recent changes have emerged from the #MeToo Movement, media moguls have been carefully crafting the characterization of a woman in the mainstream for decades.  This scene in the 1988 film, “Roger Rabbit” is an intentional caricature.  It is a mirror in the height of the sexual liberation - a social movement that challenged traditional codes of behavior.

A woman across the room is seen with a magnetism that lures a man’s senses, like Sirens of Greek mythology.  As if in a trance, a voluptuous vixen takes hostage of that part of the man’s brain behind the forehead that controls moral judgement.  A woman can simply walk toward a man on a common street with a stride that leaves him awestruck. These women possess the power of the feminine, a mystical radiance anchored within their body, mind, and soul.  A woman’s sensual energy commands without saying a word.

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I’m humbled to acknowledge a robust season of romantic love, attesting to the unrelenting sensuality of stunning women.  By the grace of God, I was protected through that period of taking chances without dire consequences.  Prayer was my hope for rescue from the impetuousness of my youth.   Surely continued adventures on my amorous ship would have led to wreckage along a jagged shoreline were it not for the blessing of marriage.  “Because sexual immorality is so rampant, every man should have his own wife, and every woman should have her own husband” (1 Corinthians 7:2).

Whether in a marital partnership or the dating rites of passage, sexual experiences are most impressionable on the human’s emotional life scale.  Often these highly charged memorable events combine with lessons about letting go for healthy transition on the joy continuum.  It all comes back around to the realization that self-love is the sanctuary of harmony within.  It’s a mirage and delusion that only a woman can fill the void of longing, heartbreak and suffering.  Peace and healing is a “solo-inside-job”.

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Post-divorce has been painful for me at times, but new perspectives have emerged where I am rediscovering “me”, and healthier ways to connect with women.  The courage to bring these lessons forward has restored innate skills from hibernation, an awareness to prize gratitude in everything, and self-love for how God created me in His image, breathing a unique spiritual identity into my being-ness. 

If there’s been an epiphany in this enlightened path, it’s that I have reimagined a woman as created by God in His own image to be simply loved and respected as an equal.  "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another (John 13:34). 

In this freshly cultivated realm of genuine feminine friendship, where gems sparkle through honesty, understanding, and compassion, “isn’t it romantic!”