Bella Luna Dog.jpg

She glides on heaven’s arc with ease

Angelic glimpses lure to please them 

Whispers shape celestial taps to nestle souls

Ever fleeting murmurs suffering long to share

Where dreams go far between the spheres

Secretly in slumber’s wake quietly to bare.


Her moonbeams ruffle seasons to chide the way

Sunburnt leaves dance to embrace her saintly sway

For somewhere she’s tugging a purloined heart

Tossing kisses on rapturous highways swirling by

Making wayward glances with steely, fiery eyes

Like a siren’s voice sailing to nab a passer’s hide.


She deftly meanders through the trough of wicked bores

Waging stars and moon for white-crest waves that soar

Which upon a horseman pulls her snugly to his back

Staging thrust and thirsty gallops that melt the saddle’s lap

While his whirling, breathy, christened heart seeks to plow

A feminine deference through a chivalrous, reverent bow.