“In every way and everywhere we accept this with all gratitude” (Acts 24:3).

“Back in the day”, science projects were an annual requirement in middle school.  At least that’s how I remember it.  My academic prowess in science may have had more promise if it hadn’t followed lunch period.  The predictable, physiologic effects of digestion took a toll on my mental state that time of day.  With periodic head bobbing and glazed over eyes, it took all my will power to keep from dozing off to sleep in Mr. T’s science class.  Fortunately for my grade performance, science would grab my attention when it resonated with sports.  Football and Newton’s First Law, as an example.  Newton's First Law states that an object will remain at rest or in uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force. An offensive player’s forward motion continues until the force of a defensive player changes that motion.  Exchanges in energy forces.  Everything in the universe has energy.  The molecules making up all matter contains a huge amount of energy, as Einstein's E = mc^2 points out.  With the right frame of mind, all energy is quantifiably beautiful.  Now that would make an award winning science project!

Magnificent beauty, unleashing energy is a constant.  Yield to it wherever; through infinite moments of time and space.  Cultivate surrender to the whisper of burgeoning beauty, bursting to be seen, eager to distill delight.  It only demands full presence.  As I noticed a harvest glow behind the shadowy outline of fir trees in the distance, nature’s orchestrated energy was about to be revealed.  Dutifully, I fetched a nearby lawn chair, positioned it on the gravel driveway, and sat quietly beneath the star lite sky.  Beckoned by stillness, suspending thought and motion, my eyes focused on the horizon.   White light peeked intermittently until undraped as the rising moon.  Disciplined in the moment, my breath was quiet, shallow and measured, while determined to embrace the universal nuances of unspoken beauty, and celestial energy.  As the moon made its slow, majestic rise, I noticed how it gradually moved right, accounting for the earth’s rotation.  It was a mystical night of awe, and inspired the law of perpetual gratitude. 

Find me there, with an abundance of energy, seeped in perpetual gratitude for all circumstances, for all people, for all of God’s creation, and for all eternity.  When the heart is continuously filled with gratitude, there’s no room for want, worry, and worldly wands.  The word of Christ clearly teaches to pray unceasingly for gratitude. 

My Perpetual Gratitude Inventory

·       Born in the United States of America

·       Parents modeled covenant marriage, faith and family

·       Two brothers and sister, best friends

·       Idyllic childhood in Bermuda

·       Sports, teamwork, and work ethic

·       College education

·       Healthcare career serving America’s Veterans

·       Love, marriage, son and family life

·       Healthy grandchildren and blessed daughter-in-law

·       God’s mercy and salvation  

Gratitude, find me there

Stirring soulfully in balmy stillness

Gracious presence forever fearless

Torch the corners, reveal the light

Swept by winds with rock and fight

Soar to places of here and now

Palpable, gratitude, shape the plow

Suspend the view, jump free to care

Seek me, find me, take me there.